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Our firm has many years of combined Austin criminal law experience, and our team of attorneys has committed themselves to offer the greatest criminal defense available to those under investigation or prosecution for state and federal criminal acts. Our staff of lawyers, detectives, analysts, and administrators is committed to outstanding performance and results, earned through tireless effort and the highest ethical standards.

Austin TX Criminal Attorneys

Our firm is dedicated entirely to criminal defense throughout Austin and the surrounding areas. Utilizing the latest technology, scientific techniques, research databases, and investigation, we are ready for an immediate and effective response to any urgent crisis. Our exceptionally skilled criminal trial attorneys enable us to help our clients handle their precise needs with creative problem solving and prompt resolution. We possess the expertise, knowledge, and diversity to rise to any legal challenge.

Phone a Austin Criminal Lawyer right away for a free of charge consultation with a Criminal Attorney Austin. Contact us today in case you are looking for legal help with an Austin Criminal Defense matter. Your very first consultation is absolutely free.

Each of our Austin criminal defense attorneys possesses the knowledge to prepare and aggressively fight your case, as well as the knowledge, skills, and relationships to productively work out a beneficial disposition.

Types of Criminal Cases:

  • Homicide
  • Manslaughter
  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Robbery
  • Terrorist Threats
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sex Crimes
  • Theft Crimes
  • DUI Defense
  • Internet Crimes
  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Transportation
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Embezzlement
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Kidnapping
  • Forgery
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Medical Marijuana

Contact an Austin Criminal Lawyer immediately for a free consultation with a Criminal Attorney Austin. Call us right now in case you are looking for legal help with an Austin Criminal Defense matter. Your own first consultation is absolutely free.

Our law offices have a lengthy record of supplying outstanding criminal defense services for years. Our track record for profitable resolutions to even the most complex criminal matters is well known. Our Austin defense attorneys & lawyers are highly regarded by prosecutors and judges throughout the region for their integrity and ethical representation. We take great pride in working directly with individuals and their family members to make certain that everybody is kept appraised of the status of their claim during the criminal process. If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged by law enforcement or another agency, contact our firm right away so that we can set up a cost-free, confidential consultation to go over your options and map out a course of action to protect your legal rights.

Every lawyer is committed to supplying our clientele with a genuine and zealous representation, combined with regular communication. We are devoted to supplying each client with a written retainer agreement, specifically describing the services to be performed, and the precise price anticipated. All telephone calls and electronic communication will be answered and returned punctually. Our attorneys and staff know and understand that communication is essential in every case.

Call an Austin Criminal Lawyer right away for a free of charge consultation with a Criminal Attorney Austin. Call us now in case you are seeking legal help with an Austin Criminal Defense matter. Your first consultation is absolutely free.

The firm deals with state and federal cases nationwide and most other cases throughout Austin and the state. The tremendous difficulties that go with criminal charges both inside and out of the courtroom can become overwhelming, and looking for representation can prove to be very complicated. Nevertheless, choosing the right lawyer is one of the most important decisions you can make. Call our office today to speak to an experienced attorney that will protect your constitutional privileges in a court of law.

When you’re facing criminal charges, you need Austin criminal defense attorneys with the knowledge, who are available to take your claim quickly and confidently, who will go above and beyond to extensively investigate your case and to get the ideal result in or out of court.

The Austin criminal defense lawyers at our firm know that being arrested or charged with a crime is a terrifying experience. Our law firm’s objective is to aggressively and tenaciously protect our clients, even before the case reaches the courtroom! You have to know your rights under the law, and immediately act to protect them.

Our law firm’s reputation is recognized throughout Austin and we tackle serious criminal cases in Austin and throughout the state.

Specializing in all criminal & DUI defense matters in Austin

We are a powerhouse defense team and focus on the aggressive defense to all misdemeanor, felony, and DUI offenses. Our Austin criminal defense attorneys are recognized throughout local courts by judges and prosecutors for their expertise, reputation, courtroom results, and legal acumen.

Texas criminal defense expertise

Our criminal defense law firm brings knowledge of local courts’ culture and practices to the defense of individuals like you who’ve been charged with a felony, misdemeanor, and DUI crimes in Austin and throughout the state.

At our law firm, your lawsuit is always litigated by one of the main partners, unlike in other firms that contract their work out to inexperienced lawyers. A lot of firms on the internet say they are experts in criminal and DUI defense matters, but in reality, they specialize in marketing rather than legal representation. It is of greatest importance for you to determine which criminal attorney will actually handle your case in court. You have the right to comprehend this data before you retain a law firm’s services.

Call an Austin Criminal Lawyer today for a free consultation with a Criminal Lawyer Austin. Phone us today in case you are looking for legal help with an Austin Criminal Defense matter. Your first consultation is absolutely free.

A strong defense begins with the facts. Our Austin criminal defense lawyers work with the top, licensed private investigators. We never count on police investigations – we get the facts ourselves and we can start investigating your lawsuit right away. Pre-Filing Intervention has led to several effective results before the case reached the courtroom. It is a well-known fact that witnesses can be affected or intimidated by the police, and our ability to get documented statements or physical evidence early on in an investigation can avoid that from happening. Witnesses frequently lose their memory or modify their position, so memorializing their statements early is very important to an effective defense.

An aggressive defense can sometimes mean your case is rejected, dismissed, or filed as a misdemeanor rather than a felony. A strong defense starts immediately – not in the courtroom. As soon as you think you may be charged with a crime, call us!

Phone a Austin Criminal Attorney immediately for a free of charge consultation with a Criminal Attorney Austin. Call us today in case you are looking for legal help with an Austin Criminal Defense matter. Your own first consultation is free.

Choosing an Austin Criminal Attorney for Your Case

There are times in life when you should look for a bargain in the grocery store, when buying a home, and when buying a new home. But, when you are looking for a criminal attorney, it is not the time to be clipping coupons and looking for the cheapest guy in town. That is a recipe for disaster. Because so much is at stake when you have been charged with a crime, it is essential that you find the best Austin criminal lawyer you can find to represent you.

There are a few things to remember when you hire any criminal lawyer, the first of which is to make sure that they know what they are doing. You don’t want to hire someone who has just passed the bar. In other words, you don’t want to be their guinea pig. Yes, every lawyer has to start somewhere, but hopefully not with your case. Find a criminal lawyer who is experienced and knows the ropes in the courthouse.

We Specialize in the Following Areas of Criminal Law:

When you are searching for an Austin Criminal Defense Attorney, make sure that you find one that has plenty of experience not only defending people but defending people for the same crime that you have been charged with. There is no sense in hiring a DUI attorney if you have been charged with burglary. If you have been charged with domestic violence, a hit and run attorney won’t do you much good, either. So find one that specializes in the type of case that you have.

The importance of finding the right Austin Criminal Defense Attorney as early as possible cannot be overstated. If you can find one even before you are charged, then you have a much better chance of getting out of the charges altogether. If you have to wait until you are behind bars and have someone else find the Austin Criminal Defense Attorney for you, then make sure you are given plenty of opportunities to meet with them, make sure that you can trust them and get a good feeling about them. If you have any doubts or feel that they are not experienced enough to take your case, then do not take a chance on them.

It is vital that you find an Austin Criminal Attorney that you can also trust, one that you feel free to speak to, and one who believes you. If you did not commit the crime, then they need to believe that. If you feel that they don’t trust you or that they will not be fighting with everything they have to get you out of your charges, then find another Austin Criminal Defense Attorney.