Theft Attorneys Austin TX

Austin TX Theft Attorneys

Criminal defense attorneys provide you with several years of practical experience defending clients from theft-related charges throughout and the surrounding areas. A lot of people charged with theft crimes in are very good, productive citizens who made an unfortunate error…and should have another chance instead of a permanent criminal record and jail time. Moreover, at …

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Shoplifting lawyer austin

Austin TX Shoplifting Attorney

Shoplifting in is a crime of theft that could have a variety of possible punishments. A suspected shoplifter is generally approached and detained by store security immediately after being observed taking merchandise from the business without paying for it. A commonly asked question by people charged with the offense is exactly what are the potential …

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Fraud Attorney Austin TX

Austin TX Fraud Attorney

Austin White-collar crimes typically involve business and professional people who have made bad decisions. Simply because the proof of white-collar crimes is often complicated financial records, it can be hard determining who may be criminally liable, and authorities may accuse an innocent person. These investigations often come to light prior to the authorities even being …

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Felony Lawyers Austin TX

Austin TX Felony Lawyers

An Austin felony charge and conviction comes with life-changing effects. At best, it may result in formal probation with little or no jail time. At worst, it’s punishable by a state jail term of 16 months or more or even life in prison. Felonies include non-violent criminal acts like petty theft (shoplifting) with an earlier …

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DWI Attorneys Austin TX

Austin TX DWI Attorneys

It is against the law in each and every state to drive a car, a boat, or any other motor vehicle while intoxicated. DUI Driving Under the Influence or Austin DWI Driving When Intoxicated covers truly serious DUI law criminal offenses relating to driving a motor vehicle when under the influence of either alcohol or …

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DUI Lawyers Austin TX

Austin TX DUI Lawyers

Austin DUI arrests are unpleasant. The embarrassment from the roadside field sobriety tests given to suspected drunk drivers quickly gives way to the awful reality of handcuffs. The fear of the implications that could follow an Austin drunk driving indictment are terrifying, like the possibility of getting sent back to prison for even a minute, …

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Drug Crime Attorney Austin TX

Austin TX Drug Crime Attorney

The recognized Austin criminal defense lawyers at our law offices use competitive legal tactics and well planned defenses to proficiently protect clientele who’ve been accused of serious Austin drug related crimes. If you have been charged with, or arrested for, a drug crime in Austin it is best to hire our professional legal representation immediately …

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Hit and Run Attorney Austin TX

Austin TX Hit and Run Attorney

Hit and Run Defense Attorneys in AustinContentsHit and Run Defense Attorneys in AustinFacts about Austin Hit and Run ViolationsConsequences of Texas Hit and Run ViolationsHit and Run Defense Attorney AustinWhen an Austin Accident Becomes Hit and RunTypes of AccidentsHit and Run ChargesHit and Run MisdemeanorHit and Run FelonyPenalties for a Hit and Run convictionAustin Hit …

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Gun Crimes Attorneys Austin TX

Austin Gun Crimes Attorneys

Weapons Charges Attorney in Austin TX Have You Been charged in Austin With Gun Possession or a Firearm related Crime? Call us right away. Cops and prosecutors in Travis County take gun crimes seriously. Every year, the laws and regulations get stricter and the penalties more severe. At our Law Office, we understand. Our attorneys …

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Austin TX Sex Crime Lawyers

While we are a full service criminal defense firm , we have made defending people accused of misdemeanor and felony state and federal criminal sex offenses the main focus of our practice. We certainly have dealt with several cases involving all types of sex-related criminal offenses in Austin. Sex crimes vary from minor misdemeanor offenses …

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