Sexual Assault in Texas

Few charges carry such significant consequences as that of sexual assault. To be sure, a conviction on charges of sexual assault in Texas could lead to years or decades spent behind bars, as well as astronomical fines. Furthermore, an individual convicted of sexual assault will face professional and personal repercussions as well, which will, in …

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Screening an attorney

Since I am not an attorney yet, I get asked all the time “how do I find a decent Austin criminal defense attorney”. So I put together some broad factors to consider when looking through a lawyer listing. Even if someone is a “referral”, you should do your due diligence.  The internet is chock full …

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry indicted by grand jury

A Travis County grand jury Friday indicted Gov. Rick Perry on two charges related to his effort last year to force District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg to resign after her drunken driving arrest. American-Statesman Staff, KVUE News