Defense Case Examples


A doctor was charged with spousal abuse after fighting with his fiancé. After trying to work it out with her, and many hours of counseling, they broke up. The fiancé was vengeful, and the prosecutor was determined to convict our client and throw him in jail. The doctor hired the Law Office and we took the case to jury trial and won. Client acquitted.


A wife and mother was charged with receiving stolen property, i.e. hundreds of stolen, expensive name brand purses. She was selling them on foreign auction websites. After a sting operation, she was caught making a transaction with the seller of the stolen merchandise. She was facing 3 years in prison, but after months of fighting in Court, we secured a plea bargain for probation, electronic monitoring (ankle bracelet) and restitution.


A young man was playing “Russian Roulette” with his best friend. Neither man had any intention of hurting the other. The friend was shot in the head and died instantly. Client was charged with voluntary manslaughter, taken into custody and was offered 7 years in prison by the D.A. We rejected the plea bargain and started the jury trial. Part way through the trial, the judge called us back into chambers, and agreed with us. We successfully negotiated for involuntary manslaughter, probation and community service. No prison!


Our client was a 23 year old man who was on probation. During a probation search of his bedroom, a set of nunchukas were found under his mattress. The D.A. filed charges and refused to negotiate a reasonable plea bargain, so we took it to a jury trial. We convinced the jury that our client was not guilty, and he was acquitted! The probation officer later dismissed the violation. Client walked away free.


Our client was an employee of Travis County in a purchasing department. After a covert investigation, both he and an accomplice were accused of “padding the books” for personal gain and stealing over $250,000. He hired the Law Office and we quickly jumped in to negotiate with the authorities on his behalf. We were able to convince them not to file charges against him. Client paid no money back. The accomplice, however, was indicted in Federal Court


Our client was pulled over after leaving a nightclub at 2:00 a.m. She blew a .10% BAC. She was charged with driving under the influence and driving with greater than .08% BAC. We appeared in court on her behalf and handled the entire case for her. She received probation, the minimum fine, and the minimum DUI class. No jail.


Our client was in a van with someone else in a parking lot. The police thought it was suspicious and conducted a DUI investigation against our client, because he was sitting behind the wheel. We took the case to jury trial, and before jury selection began, we produced our client’s friend, explained to the D.A. that he was the driver, and the case was dismissed. Both men walked free.


Our client was a 30 year old man who began dating a 16 year old girl. The girls mother called the police when she found out about the relationship. After the police conducted their investigation, they submitted the reports to the D.A. for the filing of charges. We successfully convinced the D.A. that our client truly believed that the girl was over 18 years old. The D.A. did not file the charges.


Our client was a middle aged man who was approached by a much younger girl. He invited her into his business, and the began to flirt and get physical. The girl changed her mind, ran out and called the police, alleging that he grabbed and touched her while using force and holding her hostage in the back room. The D.A. filed charges. We settled the case for no jail time, with our client pleading to a misdemeanor simple battery, small fine and short probation. Two years later, were got the case dismissed entirely.


An upper class, middle aged husband and wife were arguing about their children, and the wife became enraged. She retrieved the gun out of the safe, approached her husband, put the gun to his chest and threatened to shoot him. He laughed and told her she was crazy. She then pointed the gun toward the floor and pulled the trigger. Husband called the police, and wife was charged with attempted murder. She was arrested and husband hired the Law Office to defend her. After extensive motions in court, we secured a plea bargain where our client plead guilty to assault with a deadly weapon and went into custody for a 90 day diagnostic period. But, after almost 80 days, we brought her back to court and argued to the Judge that she is sane and should serve no further jail time. The Judge agreed and our client was released on probation!


Our client was a 25 year old man who suffered a mild brain injury in the past and was on depression medication. One night, after having a few beers, he went through an affluent neighborhood and broke into three houses, one after the other. He stole some items form the first two, but in the third house he woke a sleeping woman, and had a brief conversation with her. He ran after she called 911, but was later caught with the stolen merchandise. He was facing life in prison, and the D.A. offered a plea bargain of 10 years in prison! His parents hired the Law Office and we brought a forensic psychiatrist expert on board our team. After extensive testing and brain x-rays, we got two of the counts dismissed and convinced the judge to keep our client out of prison. Client received only one year in the county jail and probation. After a total of 8 months, he was out.


Federal Court Our client was a Mexican Doctor who practiced medicine at a clinic occasionally in San Diego. He became involved in a lucrative scheme to defraud the government out of over $100,000 in fake medi-care claims. He was arrested and detained in federal custody until his family hired the Law Office and we convinced the Magistrate to grant our client a reasonable bail. We negotiated extensively with the Assistant United States Attorney and secured a plea bargain for a 30 day sentence in a “half-way house” and restitution to the government over a period of time.