Facing DUI Charges? Avoid these Common Mistakes

A DUI arrest is an undesirable situation for any person. However, the outcome of a DUI arrest can be largely dependent on how a person handles the particular situation. There are a number of ways that a case can become worse through a wrong move or a mistake. People facing a DUI arrest should avoid the following actions whenever possible in order to prevent a bad situation from becoming worse.

Taking the arrest or charge lightly

A DUI charge may come with serious consequences such as losing a driver’s license or even receiving jail time. Some people believe that in cases where no one was injured and no property was damaged, the case was not a big deal and they’ll be able to talk their way out of the situation. This is never a good strategy.

Not hiring the proper DUI attorney

The layman will struggle to understand the law behind a DUI charge in the short amount of time that takes place in between the offense and the court date. People may be tempted to hire an attorney because of his low fees. However, there are a number of factors that they should take into consideration before thinking about the fees involved, including accessibility, competence, rapport, experience, and general interest in the case at hand.

Not hiring an attorney in a timely manner

Waiting to hire an attorney at the last minute can be just as detrimental to the outcome of a DUI arrest as not hiring the right attorney. Many people put off this task with the assumption that they’ll be able to hire someone at the last minute. It is important for a person to hire a good attorney right away in order to assure that the attorney is thoroughly prepared for the case.

Driving with a suspended license

One of the most immediate consequences that can come with a DUI arrest is a driver’s license suspension. Typically a person has 15 days following an arrest to initiate a hearing to contest the automatic suspension.

Not maximizing constitutional rights

This situation most often occurs when people do not hire a lawyer. Most people are familiar with some of their constitutional rights, but do not have all of the details they need to handle a DUI arrest properly. A lawyer is able to investigate any serious violation of rights that may have taken place during, and immediately following, an arrest.

Not showing up in court

When a person does not show up in court after a DUI charge, the court may decide to revoke their bond and put out a warrant for their arrest.

Sharing details with family and friends not involved in the case

As other people may be asked to be witnesses against someone in court, it is important that anyone facing charges should not share any information with anyone but their lawyer.

Following these tips can help a person with a DUI arrest keep a bad situation from becoming even worse.