Felony Offenses in Texas

Austin Felony Defense

Many criminal offenses in the state of Texas constitute a felony charge. If you should find yourself being accused of felony charge it is important that you contact an attorney experienced in felony defense. Some of the most common felony charges in Austin include, but are not limited to:

  • Burglary
  • Arson
  • Aggravated assault
  • Illegal weapons possession
  • Forgery/counterfeiting
  • Violent crime, such as murder, manslaughter and forcible rape

Felony convictions in Texas are very serious and can have a devastating and long lasting effect on your life.  With so much at stake it is important that you speak with an experienced lawyer to discuss your options.  Mario Madrid will provide a free, no-obligation consultation about your case and explain a well-planned strategy for defending your rights.

Felony Burglary Defense in Austin

A burglary charge is considered a felony and a conviction will be accompanied by severe punishments including incarceration, probation, fines, restitution, and community service. Also, a conviction can remain on a person’s criminal record forever and possibly make it difficult to obtain a job, loans, or educational opportunities.

In Texas, a burglary is simply described as entering another person’s property with criminal intent to commit a felony or theft while inside. This is also sometimes called “breaking and entering” or “housebreaking.” Anyone facing these types of serious charges should seek counsel from a seasoned Austin Burglary attorney.

While burglary charges are very severe, the prosecution also has major hurdles to overcome in order to secure a burglary conviction. The professionals at Madrid Law are trained to recognize weaknesses in the state’s case which can be exposed to help protect your rights. For the state to successfully prosecute a burglary charge, they are required to prove that the accused:

  • Entered the property by the application of force
  • Unlawfully entered or trespassed on the property
  • Remained or lived within the property for an extended time
  • Intended to commit a felony offense such as theft, a sex crime, or a violent crime.

Felony Assault Charges Defense in Austin

Assault charges are subject to different degrees which can result in either a felony or misdemeanor conviction, depending on the individual circumstances of the case. When there is a special victim, such as a public servant or an elderly person, the penalties are enhanced as well. Some assault convictions may result in imprisonment of up to 20 years. Also, sentencing is directly affected by the extent of harm that was actually done. For example, merely threatening to strike someone can be charged as a misdemeanor while assaulting someone with a deadly weapon will be a felony.

Texas law describes assault as causing, or threatening to cause, physical bodily harm to another person. This can be the result of intentional harm or through reckless conduct. Also, if you intentionally make physical contact with a person and you know that the other party will perceive the contact as offensive or unwanted, an assault charge can result.

Many assault charges are spawned from family violence situations or orders of protection. If you are facing assault charges, there is a good chance that you may be facing additional criminal charges or actions. You can speak with a highly trained Austin assault lawyer who can assist you by seeking a reduction of your charges or possibly a dismissal. Our professional staff is dedicated to protecting your rights while you are facing charges such as:

Texas assault convictions often result in severe punishments that can stick with you throughout the rest of your life. In some situations, you may be restricted from contacting your children or other family members. In other extreme cases, a conviction could have a negative effect on your right to own or possess a firearm for any reason.

Felony Offenses in Texas

Depending on the specific type of felony charge you are facing, the punishment can be severe. A felony is a serious criminal offense that can carry up to a $10,000 fine and extensive time incarcerated in a state penitentiary. Sentences for felony convictions in the State of Texas include:

  • Third degree felony: 2-10 years in prison and/or a fine of not more than $10,000
  • Second degree felony: 2-20 years in prison and/or a fine of not more than $10,000
  • First degree felony: 5-99 years in prison and/or a find of not more than $10,000
  • Capital felony: Death or life in prison with no possibility of parole

In addition to fines and jail sentences, there are a number of other damages when you are convicted of a felony.  Some of the other consequences include include losing your right to vote, forfeiting your second amendment right to bear arms, as well as being restricted from obtaining certain state occupational licenses.

Protect Your Rights if You Are Accused of a Felony

You should never speak to the police, sheriffs, prosecutors, investigators or potential witnesses unless you have first consulted with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Investigators and other parties involved in criminal cases may seem to have your best interest at heart, but they are actually gathering evidence that will be used against you in court. Only a criminal defense attorney has the knowledge, skills and experience to protect your rights and defend against violent crime cases.

Bail in Austin Criminal Cases

Violent crimes usually have the highest bail of all criminal cases in Austin. Some violent crimes are not automatically entitled to bail, meaning you must have your lawyer file a motion with the court in order to seek bail. Conditions of release may require you to pay money, provide collateral, stay away from certain people or places, and there may be other pretrial conditions of bail.