Child Abuse Attorney Austin TX

Austin TX Child Abuse Attorney

Being accused of abusing or molesting a child will change your life permanently.

The only thing that you can do to offer yourself the very best chance of evading the countless severe and permanent consequences of a child abuse conviction (including the possibility of termination of parental rights) is to employ a Austin Child Abuse defense lawyer who can aggressively declare your rights in court.

No matter the precise child abuse charges that you may possibly face, the Austin Children’s Protective Services defense attorneys at our firm may be able to help you.

We have years of combined legal experience and a history of proven success that shows how successful our representation can be.

Our lawyers are not scared to defend your rights during the most atrocious and shocking accusations.

Austin Children’s Protective Services

In our state, there are specific departments focused on investigating accusations concerning Austin child abuse and neglect. This law supplies the framework for what they must do to accomplish this task.

These Children Protective Services lawyers are committed to safeguarding children and keeping them from abuse and neglect.

If you have been accused of child abuse or child neglect, the local Children Protective Services will likely get involved.

You may face criminal charges, may possibly lose custodianship of your child or children, or could have your parental rights terminated.

Austin Child Abuse Defense Lawyer

Child Abuse, Neglect, Cruelty & Sexual Molestation in Austin

Child abuse is defined as emotionally, physically, or sexually abusing or neglecting a minor by a parent or guardian.

Further outlined, any mental abuse or distress imposed on a child, cruelty, or child exploitation is also charged as criminal child abuse.

If you have been accused and/or arrested for committing child abuse, you should have an aggressive and knowledgeable Austin criminal defense lawyer.

Austin Child Abuse Allegations

As more adults and professionals notice the indicators and symptoms of child abuse, more cases are now being charged as criminal offenses and brought before our courts.

Teachers, child care workers, psychiatrists and therapists are required legally to file any alleged or confessed cases of child injury or abuse to authorities.

Because of wide-spread public awareness and sensitivity, it has been our experience as lawyers, that lots of instances of reported child abuse are actually unfounded, even when such reports arise from professional obligations and well-meaning and worried third parties.

Additionally, false child abuse & claims of misconduct & wrongdoing regularly arise from bitter divorces, child custody battles, and other family conflicts.

If you were wrongly accused of harming a child in Austin, be sure to get in touch with our law offices immediately for a free consultation on how to best defend yourself in this situation.

In some cases, we might be able to have the criminal charges dropped before they are even submitted and make it easier to restore custody of your children.

Austin Child Abuse Allegations

Should you be accused, you can DO these Things:

Employ a skilled criminal defense attorney if you’re the topic of a child abuse investigation, have been arrested for a similar crime, or have already been convicted of neglecting or abusing a child in Austin.

It is crucial that you consult with an expert and proven lawyer who knows Child Protective Services procedures & personnel, State family law, and the Austin juvenile judicial system firsthand.

Take preventative steps to ensure you are not by yourself in the company of the child or children you are being accused of harming.

This will help eliminate the accuser from making further claims or false incident reports.

If you’re a daycare worker, a coach, teacher or scout leader, ALWAYS have a supportive adult present with you when socializing with kids so they may verify the appropriateness of your actions and behavior.

Negotiate and decide on amicable custody arrangements with previous partners and fellow parents to prevent malicious claims meant to influence control or exact revenge.

Avoid verbal outbursts, threats, sexually oriented commentary, off color jokes or humor, wrestling, tackling, or horseplaying with children.

Hire a skilled criminal defense attorney if you are the subject of a child abuse investigation, have been arrested for a similar crime, or previously charged with neglecting or abusing a child in Austin.

It is critical that you seek advice from a professional and proven lawyer who knows Child Protective Services methods & employees, State family law, and the Austin juvenile judicial system firsthand.

Maintain very confident and supportive relationships with your children should they be the subject of allegations motivated because of your estranged spouse’s anger over divorce and custody procedures.

Children are obviously highly influenced by their desire to satisfy their parents, and are frequently persuaded to take sides and agree with the accusing parent as a result of tension and emotional coercion.

Don’t blame your children if this is the case. Still fulfill your financial and parental obligations responsibly.

Be informed and knowledgeable when coping with false accusations of child abuse and associated crimes so that you may better your legal rights and freedom going forward.

As your criminal defense lawyer, we will professionally inform you on how to best handle the scenario you are up against, and we will boldly and professionally prevent the charges against you.

Confide with your defense attorney and keep him apprised of any resulting events, new advancements or problems, and any new negotiations or communication that occurs with your accuser or the supposed victim.

Call and collaborate with friends, witnesses, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, and other people who can corroborate your innocence and offer testimony on your behalf in court or by way of a sworn statement or affidavit IF AND ONLY IF you have received a “go-ahead” from your attorney to discuss your circumstance with anyone aside from your defense attorney.

As your attorney, we’ll professionally inform you as to how and if coordinating a support group of people that can refute the alleged inappropriate or abusive behavior is best approached depending on the situations around your case.

Try to understand that the social workers jobs are to protect children, and they’re working for your children’s well-being rather than against you, although the allegations may be false, they must be looked into seriously, nevertheless.

Should you be suspected of child abuse: do NOT:

  • Don’t think twice to stand up for yourself and state your innocence. Avoid unsupervised exposure to the child throughout the investigation and after that, if necessary, refrain from further allegations.
  • Don’t talk to anybody about your claim unless clearly advised by your lawyer that it’s okay to do this.
  • Do not generate any false admissions and make an effort to deal with police interrogation without having your lawyer present.
  • Don’t blame it on the child, yell at the child, or otherwise try and force the child to retract their statements and refute the charges against you. Your innocence will be proven through the proper process, and young children are not mentally equipped or mature enough to withstand adult stress stressors and issues.