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Domestic violence is physical abuse committed against a spouse, a cohabitant, of the other parent of a shared child. Many times innocent people are arrested for performing acts that do not fall under the category of Domestic Violence, and therefore is not domestic violence. In the State of Texas all Domestic Violence and Domestic Abuse cases are prosecuted in an aggressive manner, which makes it especially important that the accused hires capable legal representation.

If you have been arrested for Domestic Abuse or Spousal Abuse you should hire a competent Spousal Abuse Attorney immediately. Even if the other party in the alleged abuse decides not to file charges against you, the State of Texas will. A domestic abuse charge may result in either a Felony or Misdemeanor charge, depending upon many factors.

Punishments for any form of Domestic Violence or abuse may include anger management programs, jail time, counseling, probation, and will result in an appearance on your criminal record. Your freedom and reputation are on the line when you are accused of any type of Abuse.

If you have been charged with Domestic Violence in Texas you need to seek the representation of an experienced Domestic Abuse Defense Lawyer. Call the Law Office today to discuss your domestic violence case.

Texas Child Abandonment Attorneys

Texas has a variety of important laws regarding the welfare and safety of children, which all parents and legal guardians must abide by. In the State of Texas it is against the law to deny children the basic necessities of life, including food, clothing, medical care, and shelter. If children are denied these necessities, or in any other way maltreated, law enforcement and other government agencies may become involved. There are severe consequences for any person who is convicted of endangering or abandoning a child, including monetary fines and/or a jail or prison term. If you have been arrested for child endangerment or child abandonment, please contact a child endangerment lawyer at the Law Office.

Long lasting consequences result when a person is charged with any crime that involves children. Even if you have been falsely accused, it is extremely important that you hire competent and experienced legal representation. Some examples of child endangerment include:

  • Alcohol-related Child Endangerment
  • Bodily Harm
  • Child Abuse and Maltreatment
  • Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug-related Child Endangerment
  • Homicide
  • Kidnapping
  • Neglect, including lack of food, clothing, medical care, and shelter
  • Stalking

Any person who places a child in a dangerous or potentially dangerous situation has violated the law. If you have been accused or arrested for child endangerment or child abandonment in Texas, you need expert criminal defense representation at the Law Office.