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It is against the law in each and every state to drive a car, a boat, or any other motor vehicle while intoxicated.

DUI Driving Under the Influence or Austin DWI Driving When Intoxicated covers truly serious DUI law criminal offenses relating to driving a motor vehicle when under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

For anybody who is driving erratically or violating traffic laws and regulations, the police may stop you and then, if perhaps they believe you are drunk, ask you to submit to a field DUI DWI sobriety test.

They may measure your blood alcohol content by asking you to undergo a breathalyzer test or even by getting a blood and/or urine sample.

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Our lawyers possess a unique mix of practical experience and training in the law as well as in the science of a DWI defense.

Austin DWI attorney knows the methods of the Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and has knowledge in Drug Recognition and Gas Chromatography (chemical testing of blood alcohol and various substances).

We are skilled in the categories of Criminal Law, Federal White Collar Defense and Austin DWI Defense.

Driving while Intoxicated is a more serious charge than folks commonly believe.

A DWI conviction could lead you to lose your license and spend some time in jail. Repetitive DWI convictions might resulted in a jail sentence.

Even driving under the Influence or DUI – a charge in some states are reserved for minors – may leave a long lasting mark on a person’s record.

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The firm’s attorneys have built up an great track record in defending Austin DWI cases, Intoxication Assault and Intoxication Manslaughter.

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Our Law Offices is a law firm that aggressively defends against Austin drunk driving and alcohol-related charges.

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We’ve got practical experience with pretty much each and every type of alcohol-related case, from first-time misdemeanor DWI offenses to felony DWI and vehicular manslaughter charges.

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The good results of our DWI defense Austin practice comes from the outstanding degree of service we offer to our DWI clients.

We are here to help you and fight for you, with no judgment or lectures.

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We feel this investment yields a better result for our clients in the courts. We deal with:

  • DWI Charges Including Misdemeanor, Gross Misdemeanor and Felony DWI Defense
  • Fourth Degree, Third Degree, Second and First Degree Drunk Driving Cases
  • Driver’s License Revocation, Limited Driver’s Licenses and B-Card Li censure Issues
  • Boating When Intoxicated and DWI Involving a Snowmobile, ATV, Motorcycle, Bus or Truck
  • Underage Consumption and Possession, Juvenile DWI, Underage Drinking and Driving
  • Forfeiture of Motor Vehicles, “Whiskey” Plates and License Plate Impoundment
  • Drunk Driving Trials, Motions, Appeals and Probation Violation Hearings

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Driving When Intoxicated (“DWI”) is a truly serious crime in every single state. DWI and Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”) refer to the same crime.

Having a drink or even taking drugs may affect your capability to use cars, boats or even industrial equipment in a safe manner.

It’s unlawful in any state to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs if you can’t safely operate your vehicle.

In case the cops see you driving erratically or breaking traffic regulations, they’re permitted to stop and question you for a DWI violation.

If they suspect you are intoxicated, they can ask you to submit to many tests, like a blood alcohol test.

Blood Alcohol Content

When you consume alcoholic drinks, alcohol is taken in into your blood stream.

The level of alcohol in the blood, called the Blood Alcohol Content (“BAC”), could be calculated by different tests.

Driving with a BAC level of .08 or even above is against the law in all states.

This measurement means that your blood contains eight one-hundredths percent of alcohol.

All states have laws and regulations with even lower prohibited BAC levels for commercial drivers, and even zero tolerance laws for drivers under age 21.

In case the police believe you are drunk, they can require you to take a breathalyzer test or even give a blood sample in order to determine your BAC.

Refusal to take a test usually brings about an automatic suspension of your driver’s license for a long span of time.

This can last up to six months or a year, depending upon the state.

Additionally you could be convicted of drunk driving with no results of a blood alcohol test, or even if your blood alcohol test result is under the statutory amount.

A jury can convict you depending on evidence that your breath, conduct, language and motor movements demonstrated you had been drunk and unable to drive properly.

This evidence comes in part from a field sobriety test police make you take when you are stopped.

The test might include a mustangs gaze test to track erratic eye motions showing intoxication.


The penalties for drunk driving Austin are serious.

  • Punishment for first time offenders includes suspension of driving privileges, points on your driver’s license and also fines.
  • Punishment for second and subsequent offenses increases significantly and often means jail time.

A drunk driving conviction also generally causes your automobile insurance premiums to rise dramatically.

Lots of people arrested for drunk driving ask for a trial to fight the charge. Legal defenses can be raised to defeat the drunk driving charge or even reduce the penalties.

You will need an attorney to adequately defend yourself at trial.

Questions for Your Lawyer

  • Does it matter whether or not I take a breathalyzer or even blood test? Is one kind of test more dependable?
  • Can I present an effective defense in the event that I want to go to trial on drunk driving charges? Exactly what are my chances?
  • Do the police have to do field sobriety tests, for example balance or eye gaze tests, prior to doing a breathalyzer or blood test?
  • My personal medical condition led to motor skill problems, but I have a valid license. Should I be troubled that my condition can be misunderstood and improve the DUI/DWI case against me?

Austin DWI Attorney

State laws and regulations talk about the drunk driving offense as either “driving while intoxicated” (DWI), “driving under the influence” (DUI), or less commonly as “operating when intoxicated” (OWI) or “operating while under the influence” (OUI).

A few states provide an additional offense of “driving while impaired,” which is usually a lesser included offense of DWI or DUI.

No matter the name used, a driver usually violates drunk driving laws and regulations by operating a motor vehicle after consuming sufficient alcohol to register a specific blood-alcohol content (BAC) or level.

Since 2005, driving with a blood-alcohol level of .08% and also above is against the law in all states.