Juvenile Crime Lawyers Austin TX

Austin TX Juvenile Crime Lawyers

A criminal defense firm has expertise in juvenile crimes, including all juvenile misdemeanor and juvenile felony charges. If your child has been arrested for a crime, you need an experienced Texas juvenile criminal defense attorney. With the representation of a skilled juvenile crimes defense lawyer at the Law Office your child will have a chance to stay out of jail, or have their sentence reduced or altered.

Juvenile crime cases are represented with the same aggressive manner as are adult crime cases, even though the laws are very different. The main goal involved in juvenile criminal case is rehabilitation of the offender, rather than jail time. Thus, the laws and rules for juvenile court are different than adult criminal offense rules. The Texas juvenile criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office are skilled in all areas of juvenile criminal defense law, and will provide your child with excellent legal representation.

Persons under the age of eighteen who commit serious or violent crimes are many times treated like adults. The court may carry out a hearing to decide if the youth will be tried as a child or an adult. Some of the factors that will determine which system to use are: the type of criminal offense committed, previous criminal history, and prior rehabilitation. A Texas juvenile crimes defense attorney at the Law Office will be prepared to defend your child in any situation, whether they are tried as a child or adult.

The following are things you should know if you have been arrested for a juvenile crime:

  • You have the right to appeal the decision of the court.
  • You do not have to incriminate yourself.
  • You should be informed of the charges being brought against you.
  • Do not speak about your juvenile criminal case to anyone (except your lawyer).
  • You can have your juvenile criminal attorney present during questioning.

If your child has been accused or arrested of committing a serious crime in Texas, you need expert juvenile defense representation at the Lombardo Law Office.