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Austin TX Probation Violation Attorneys

Our law firm has a team of powerful probation violation lawyers. For an individual serving probation, experienced probation violation attorneys would be the most reliable resource that individual can have.

Violating the conditions of your probation can increase the duration of your probationary period and can also result in more prison time.

Let the probation violation lawyers at our firm provide aggressive legal counsel to assist you in getting your probation decreased or charges that lead to almost certain jail time dropped.

Violation of Probation

A individual who has been placed on probation has certain rules that he / she is required to follow.

Frequent ways that the conditions of probation are violated include:

  • Failure to pay off fines to the victims or to the court
  • Failure to adhere to rehabilitation or community service programs
  • Failure to appear for scheduled court appearances
  • Violation of specific rules in the probation, such as abiding by a restraining order
  • Failure to report to a probation officer
  • Having illegal drugs
  • Committing a criminal offense
  • Getting arrested

The parameters of probation can vary based on the state as well as on the kind of criminal offense.

The probation violation lawyers at our firm are familiar with the laws and regulations of probation in our state and will definitely strongly uphold your legal rights.

Consequences for Violating Probation

A individual who may have violated probation could face a lot of consequences, including:

  • Possible prison or jail time
  • An extension of the probationary period
  • A change of probation terms
  • Community service
  • Rehabilitation or counseling programs

If you’ve been charged with breaking the conditions of your probation, allow the probation violation lawyers at our law firm represent you in a court of law.

Our probation violation attorneys can assist you achieve a positive result with minimal problems for violating probation.

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We handle all kinds of criminal cases and are dedicated to the presumption of innocence.

Parole and Probation Violations Lawyer

You’re out of jail on parole, or you avoided prison by getting placed on probation, however you’re faced with violating probation or parole and you’re looking at more time behind bars.

A Probation violation or parole violation doesn’t instantly lead to a prison sentence.

With the help of a skilled parole violation attorney, you can make a case for your own personal defense.

Failure to adhere to any of the terms of your probation or parole will take you back again before the court for a revocation hearing.

  • Failing to report for obligatory drug testing?
  • Failed a drug test?
  • Failure to check in with your parole officer or probation officer?
  • Didn’t report for community service or to complete your community service sentence?

All of these, and more, can land you in prison. However , there could be extenuating circumstances that contributed to your inability to comply with probation or parole.

You’ve got a legal right to bring evidence to your probation revocation hearing to show those extenuating circumstances (for example ill health), in order to defend against charges that are being made against you.

As your probation violation lawyer, it is our role to make a strong defense, presenting evidence and witnesses to bolster your case for why you should remain on probation or parole.

Have you been guilty of a violation despite your extenuating circumstances? We just might assist you in getting a different sentence instead of jail time.

Don’t neglect to show up for your probation violation or parole violation hearing.

That can lead to a bench warrant for your arrest.

Consult us, we are probation violation attorneys with many years of experience.

Phone our firm today for a zero cost initial consultation.

We represent folks in facing criminal charges for all kinds and levels of crimes, from violent felony crimes to misdemeanor theft crimes, juvenile offenses to drug crimes.

We understand the law and will definitely do everything that is required to set up a powerful case in your defense.

We also represent folks before the Board of Prison Terms and at Probation and Sentencing Hearings for state and federal crimes, in addition to juvenile probation.

Probation Violation Defense Lawyers

Probation is an replacement or adjunct to a jail or prison sentence.

A few sentences permit defendants to completely avoid incarceration by means of completing probation along with other requirements.

Probation offers others the opportunity to go back to the community in a supervised manner right after serving a jail sentence.

Probation differs from parole, which happens to be conditional release from prison immediately after serving all or part of one’s sentence.

When you already received probation instead of jail or prison time for a criminal offense, your prior lawyer worked very hard to enable you to keep your freedom.

In the event you violate that probation, it puts you at danger of incarceration.

If you have been charged with a probation violation, please speak to attorneys.

A probation violation does not automatically mean you are headed for jail or prison.

Our lawyers can negotiate alternatives to prison time, like extension of probation, or taking part in substance abuse programs, or alcohol treatment, counseling, or community service.

We will go through the nature and seriousness of the probation violation.

We may argue that you were in substantial compliance with the terms of the sentence.

We will aim to assure the court that you will comply with the remaining terms of your sentence.

Whether you are accused of breaking the terms of a formal or informal probation program, you need to have an seasoned criminal defense lawyer advocating your best interests.

To discuss the specifics of your case, please don’t hesitate to call our Law Offices for a free consultation.

Probation Violation Attorney

And so, you were put on probation, and ordered by the judge to complete terms and conditions by a particular deadline.

The date is fast approaching, there may not be enough time for you to get everything done on time.

Or, maybe you allowed the deadline to pass, then there is now a warrant for your arrest.

You have other responsibilities with work, or school, or family, which must be dealt with, at the same time.

What must you do? Who can you turn to for help? Call our firm right away.

A Probation Violation Attorneys at our office have been successful on a lot of probation violations defense cases.

Our knowledge gives us insight about effective strategies with a client going through a violation of probation.

We use a systematic method to find out the best strategies for our clients.

If you have violated any term of probation, perhaps even just what may appear to be a relatively minor term, you face punishment for a potential probation violation.

Courts have got discretion to punish a individual in violation of probation, with prison time, additional community work, counseling, restitution, or other court orders.

The very last thing you would like to do is to go into court unprepared, with no plan.

In the event that you haven’t complied with all conditions of your probation, you are facing a probation violation.

Are You in Violation of Your Probation?

In case you have not complied with each and every term of your probation conditions, you can be found in violation of your conditions of probation.

There are several ways to resolve these situations successfully, however it is vital that you have an skilled probation violation lawyer to help you determine the best strategies for your case.

It is never in your best interests to handle a probation violation all on your own without an attorney, considering the serious consequences.

Contact our law offices today to find out what we are capable of doing to guard your legal rights and protect you at your probation violation hearing.